Status: Continuous Development
Release: n/a
Coordinator: Adriano Afonso
Team: ODN
Collaborators: Escola Secundaria Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, ADJ, Câmara Municipal de Caldas da Rainha, Adamastor
Investors: Câmara Municipal de Caldas da Rainha, PinguixRBPLPv3

The ODN concept of the Lan Party tries to be different of the usual Lan Parties. Long ago it was discerned that the informatic technologies factor moves a lot of people, both young and adults, pointing to an universal and integrated communication need. Through this image, we are not only standing before a movement, but already a cultural event.

Our Lan Partys distances itself from the concept of an underground space, dark and closed. Besides, we bring an open space (although always covered), pleasant, familiar, friendly and extremely sociable. Just as in the internet, more specifically ODN's Forum, we try to transpose the same feeling of comfort, that inherently exists, to the "real", a space where you can gather, have fun, share and bather knowledge.

Amongst all the editions a great part of the objective was already achieved, not only the event spaces were totally pleasant and friendly but it was also possible to transform Caldas Lan Party in a cultural event, with chill out zones, concerts, workshops and exhibitions, not only oriented to the lanners but also to the general public.

History and Portfolio